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About Us

About Us

From renovations to add-ons, from basement finishes to commercial remodeling, GAP Construction Company has been
building high-quality structures for over 30 years. Founded by Greg Propheter in 1979, an ambitious professional who
amassed his construction experience in New York, GAP Construction Company formed and later Propheter's sons
joined him to learn the trade - one that they helped their father earn a remarkable reputation as a leading renovation
company in the Louisville community

Our vision

Propheter's vision for GAP Construction Company is to operate with unwavering ethics and quality workmanship - a 
trait that involves a valued partnership among reputable organizations and supply vendors.

Visit our supply vendors' websites by clicking on the respective links listed below. Please note that GAP Construction
Company is not responsible for any website content associated with these sites. We only link to them to show you the
variety of products and services from which may choose.

Our supply vendors

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